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Which 3 label printer to choose for marketplaces

In the article we discuss label printer to choose for marketplaces, the authors touch upon various aspects of choosing label printer to choose for marketplaces, the main function of which is barcode printing.

The target audience is invited to start selling their products on marketplaces from scratch without opening an online store, which has a number of advantages: you do not need to deal with payment services, connect an online cash register and organize delivery, you only need to correctly label the product and send it to the seller’s warehouse. And for this you need a printer.


Start choosing the best platform on which to sell the product. This is due to the fact that, for example, Wildberries and Ozon have different barcode requirements.

It is recommended to choose a printer according to certain parameters, which are presented in the article. One of these criteria is the printing technology, which depends on a number of factors. Each technology has its pros and cons, but the authors recommend stopping at thermal transfer printing and deciding on a quality material for it.

Label printer to choose for marketplaces. 

It concludes with a comparison of the two thermal transfer printers. Which are offered in a complete set for various marketplaces, and the services of this organization are also listed.

The transition to online mode is a common practice for retail, which allows you to reach a new level and expand your customer base. The easiest way to start trading online is to list your products on the marketplace. This option eliminates the need to open your own online store, set up payment services, connect an online cash register and organize a delivery service. All these functions are performed by the trading platform. At the same time, marketplaces have their own rules for suppliers, including label printer to choose for marketplaces. We figure out how to choose a barcode printer in order to solve any problems of labeling goods and successfully work on several online platforms at once.

Why you need a label printer for marketplaces

The marketplace does almost all the work for the seller: it places the product with a photo and description on its website, accepts payment from buyers in accordance with Federal Law No. 54 (through the checkout) and delivers the purchase to the specified address. The supplier only needs to mark their products properly and send them to the marketplace warehouse. Regardless of where the product comes from to the client (from the warehouse of the online platform or directly from the supplier), two labels are placed on it:

On the product itself label printer to choose for marketplaces;

label printer to choose for marketplaces

on the outside of the individual packaging.

For example, clothing must have a sewn-in label, as well as a sticker on the outer packaging in which the product arrives to the buyer. If shoes are sold, one label is glued to the box, the second to the packaging film. This approach allows:

      • ensure the convenience of identifying parcels;
      • avoid confusion;
      • comply with the stated delivery times.

If the seller wants to sell products that are subject to mandatory labeling in the IS MP “Chestny ZNAK”, the product must have a label with a unique Data Matrix code.

How to print labels on a printer correctly: marketplace labeling requirements

Marketplaces, like other places of sale, require correct product labeling from suppliers. The label must contain all the necessary information about the product, including a correctly printed barcode. This is necessary for the convenience of warehouse accounting and timely delivery of the product to the client. Before buying printing equipment, you should decide which online platform you are going to work with, as product labeling requirements may vary. It will depend on this which label printer to choose for marketplaces is better to choose for marketplaces.

Printer for Wild berries

Wild berries is one of the largest marketplaces in the country, and the label template requirements are simpler than other platforms. The order label must contain:

      • one-dimensional barcode of Code-128 format;
      • the numerical value of the article;
      • product color (in Russian);
      • size and uniform sign of circulation EAC (for clothing and footwear).

You cannot print the barcode and article with spaces, indicate colors in foreign languages. Products with different SKUs, sizes and colors must be marked with different barcodes. Recommended standard label sizes: 40 x 30 or 58 x 40 mm. The sticker is applied to the top of the package from the outside.

What thermal printer is needed for OZONE

label printer to choose for marketplaces

The OZON marketplace has its own labeling standards. At the top of the label, the order and package numbers, the method of shipment, the number of packages in the parcel, and the buyer’s contacts should be indicated. A linear barcode is printed on the top or bottom of the label. In the very center is the number of the warehouse from which the order is sent to the buyer. Under it, you must specify the address of the pick-up point or sorting point, the day and time of delivery. When buying a printer and printing materials, you should pay attention to the requirements for label printer to choose for marketplaces:


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