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Top 10 best-selling products on Amazon during Black Friday 2022

If you are an Amazon sales fan, you will not be able to miss Black Friday. This is considered a shopping festival for Westerners. All items are simultaneously discounted to serve the shopping needs of consumers. So do you know what is the best-selling item on Amazon on Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, also known as Black Friday, usually takes place after Thanksgiving. This day is the world’s largest shopping festival of the year with tens of thousands of huge discounts, even up to 70-80%. Products are brought to consumers quickly with millions of customers around the world.

Because people’s shopping needs are very high on this day, Black Friday is held for a few days or weeks. The image of people lining up to shop at stores and malls is very familiar.

For the Amazon e-commerce platform, Black Friday will take place earlier and also last longer than regular stores. Besides, Amazon also has preferential policies for customers. Every 5 minutes, the sales page will appear new promotional options and special coupons apply to all products.

Amazon Best Sellers on Black Friday

Dubbed as the world’s largest e-commerce platform, so what you want to buy, Amazon will give you that. So let’s see the items that customers “hunt” the most on Amazon on Black Friday?

1. Clothing, fashion accessories

Clothing is one of the impossible products for consumers, especially women. Not only on discount days, on normal days, sisters also go shopping in large numbers.

So there’s no reason why consumers shouldn’t shop during these big discounts. Moreover, on Amazon, there are many famous fashion items such as Adidas, Chanel, Dior, … so that buyers will have the opportunity to use brands at surprisingly cheap prices. That’s why on Black Friday, it’s always selling well and there are many discount codes and coupons with Kohls 40 off coupon on included helping consumers save more.

2. Technology, electronics

The US is a country with a lot of good quality electronics and technology, but the price is often very high. Therefore, people often wait until Black Friday to be able to own these “goods” because the price is much cheaper than normal days. Electronic devices such as watches, laptops, phones, cameras, … are the best-selling items on Amazon on Black Friday.

3. Cosmetics, perfumes

Besides clothes and shoes, cosmetics and perfumes are also on the list as one of the best-selling items on Amazon on Black Friday. Orders from cosmetics or perfumes are shipped all over the world, even Amazon doesn’t have enough products to provide customers.

4. Housewares

This is one of the indispensable items in every home, so the consumption of this product is very large during Black Friday. Household items that are “welcome” by consumers such as electric stoves, hoods, washing machines, dishwashers,…

5. Children’s toys

Amazon is considered a prestigious address for parents to buy toys for their children on Black Friday. Typically, the most popular toy is Lego – a toy that stimulates children’s creativity. Toys for children on Amazon are all controlled by origin, the quality is very strict when entering the warehouse of this unit, so parents can rest assured when letting their children come into contact with the product.

And children’s toys are also one of the best-selling items on Amazon on Black Friday thanks to surprisingly cheap prices.

6. Health care products

Health is always the top priority of every citizen, so health care products are always focused and sold well on special occasions like Black Friday. Functional foods such as collagen, vitamins, or measuring instruments such as thermometers, blood pressure, health monitoring, dental or medical instruments … are also among the items that attract the attention of consumers with famous brands such as Meiji, Salonpas, Beanstalk, Orihiro…

7. Functional foods

With the increasing demands of life, it is no wonder that functional foods are listed at the top of the best-selling items on the Amazon web. No need to be carefully processed, functional foods are a quick way to add nutrients and energy without spending too much time eating. In the US, functional foods are a product that lays golden eggs when US-labelled functional foods on Amazon are sought and consumed by the whole world.

8. Books

One of the best sellers on Amazon during Black Friday is Books. Although nowadays, smartphones are more and more used in searching for documents due to their convenience and ability to speak, books are still a popular and preferred commodity by avid readers. books more than ever. 

In addition to printed books, Amazon also sells e-books, which will give you more choices.

9. Toys & games

During the holidays, the demand for relaxation and entertainment after stressful studying or working hours is increasing. An attractive relaxation solution for everyone is Games. On Black Friday, toys and games are sold more vegetarian than ever. There are many toys and games along with attractive discount codes and coupons for toys for a wide range of customers from children to adults to keep you entertained.

10. Camera & Photo

What could be better than a holiday trip, traveling is a popular activity that helps people relax. In particular, when traveling, people often film and take photos to keep memories. In addition, jobs related to video content such as YouTubers and photographers also need quality cameras. That’s why on Black Friday, Camera products are always selling well and there are many discount codes and coupons included helping consumers save more.


The above summarizes the best-selling items on Amazon on Black Friday. Hopefully, the best-selling products on Amazon during Black Friday in the list above will be helpful for what you are looking for. Follow up to update the latest articles.


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