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The 5 Most Popular Recipes of 2022 Bon Appetit.

The 10 Most Popular Recipes of June 2022 Bon Appetit feature foods that most people love to eat during the summer. These include tomatoes, zucchini, berries, and corn. You’ll also find recipes for lazy dinners and low-effort sweets. One-pan-braised chicken is a great example of such a dish.

Baked beans

One of the most enduring, yet overlooked, sides of a cookout is baked beans. The humble dish is a favorite among many and can be a great way to get everyone involved. This classic side dish isn’t for the faint of heart, though. While the side preparation may seem simple, it requires a fair amount of skill. For instance, if you try to skip soaking your beans, you might end up with burnt beans. However, by soaking the beans, you’ll save time and ensure that your beans won’t split open or burst. It also allows the beans to absorb the salt flavor from the cooking liquid and keep them soft.

There are two common methods for making baked beans. One method involves soaking and boiling the beans, while another involves adding different spices to the mix. The difference between the two methods is in the amount of liquid that you add. For a typical can of beans, you’ll need about three cups of liquid, and for a pound of beans, you’ll need about 10 cups.


The end of summer is the perfect time to celebrate the bounty of our garden with summer-ready recipes. These tasty recipes make the bounty of nature the star of the show, from Sun Gold tomatoes to cucumbers slathered with chutney. And what summer would be complete without a fruity cocktail?

Recipes this month focus on transforming common, humble ingredients into crave-worthy meals. For example, cauliflower can be battered and roasted or coated in a spicy glaze, and spaghetti squash can be topped with tomato sauce and cheese. These recipes are sure to become instant classics.


For the most part, this month’s issue of Bon Appetit focuses on the best new recipes and tools for the kitchen. As a food lifestyle magazine, it also offers useful tips on shopping, dining out, and entertainment. While June may be a month for grilled meats and burgers, there are still some recipes worth trying that require little to no effort. These recipes make great desserts and easy dinners, too.

These recipes transform humble ingredients into crave-able dishes. For example, cauliflower can be battered and baked and then topped with a spicy glaze. Spaghetti squash is a great option for a quick dinner, but it can also be filled with a delicious tomato sauce.

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Summer is the most delicious time of the year, and summer cooking calls for fresh produce. For this issue, the most popular recipes used summer produce to their advantage. From chutney-slathered sandwiches to simple pasta, the most popular recipes featured nature’s bounty. And of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without a fruity cocktail.

This month’s recipes include tender herbs, skirt steak with scallion thecha, spicy basil-topped gochujang noodles, and chickpea noodle soup. Another recipe that is sure to make your mouth water is Turkish-style brown butter poached eggs.


Corn is a staple summer vegetable, but it can also be made into a meal in just minutes. One of the best ways to prepare corn is to mash it up and sauté it. This will make it soft and tender. Alternatively, you can bake it and use it as a side dish.

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