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How has World of Tank Blitz’s 1.4 Gb File Size Restricted Its Top Grossing Chart Success?

In our latest World of Tanks Blitz Making Of over here, Kirk Mckeand branded the game a “poster toddler” for the unfastened-to-play version.

It may sound like a traditional case of journalistic hyperbole, however, it isn’t always some distance from reality.

World of Tanks has received a massive following on PC, and now developer Wargaming wants to see if it can reflect that achievement on cellular.

You’d consider that bringing a free-to-play title to a platform that is arguably the home of the freemium model would be a risk-loose move.

Of course, the mobile world is in a regular country of flux, and what must fly excessively at some point would possibly crash and burn on the subsequent.

So, in this week’s Charticle, we will be taking study how World of Tanks Blitz has been performing on the iPad pinnacle grossing charts.

Why the most effective iPad? Because, if we’re being honest, a sport that responsibilities players with strategically decimating enemy struggle machines call for the largest display viable.

Explanations apart, it’s time to get on with the primary occasion. So, permit’s find out if World of Tanks Blitz has the hallmarks of a hit.


Even though it couldn’t get anywhere close to the pinnacle 10 – possibly due to its huge 1.4GB file length – World of Tanks’ overall performance on the US top-grossing chart remains super.

Since launching lower back in June, the sport has spent the general public of its lifestyles inside the pinnacle 100.

A height role of 44 highlights the game’s principal weak point. Due to report length and gameplay, this isn’t always an average pick-out-up-and-play F2P recreation.

However, its consistency in the top 100 will be envied by means of different builders who discover their time at the top is regularly brief-lived.

It’s a similar story on the European pinnacle grossing chart, which appears at performances in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

However, in Europe, the sport’s degree of consistency has been a whole lot better, with the identify spending most people of its time in the pinnacle 50, and, in a few regions, the top 25.

Peak positions of eleven in Spain, 18 in Germany and Italy, 19 in France, and 26 within the UK – arguably the title’s Achilles heel – additionally show how World of Tanks has blossomed in Europe compared to the United States.

But, relatively, World of Tanks Blitz’s exceptional showing has been in Asian markets.

In South Korea, the sport has spent most of its time soaring across the top 20, peaking at #9, and only ever falling at low as #59 due to the fact launch.

In Japan, the sport’s situation is nearly the same, though World of Tanks couldn’t pretty muster up an assignment on the top 20. Instead, it has spent its life saving inside the pinnacle 80, often traveling the pinnacle 60, and peaking at #33.

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