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6 Duties of Unarmed Security Guards

One can secure their properties and possessions in different ways. One of them is hiring unarmed security guards. It’s a rather common sight in public places to see these security officers. 

Did you ever wonder how their duties are different from armed security guards? No doubt that both types of security aim to keep you safe. However, the approaches differ vastly. 

In this blog post, we will learn all those duties of unarmed Security Guards in Geelong that keep you and your properties safe. 

1. Deter Crime

Unarmed security guards’ primary responsibility is to prevent crime on your property. The mere presence of a security guard deters criminals and, thus, ensures your safety. These security officers surely observe suspicious activities around your property. However, they do not respond to it. They will observe, bear witness, and report to responsible authorities. Having someone play such a key role helps you out of many security problems. 

2. Gatekeeping

Many security threats occur at the entrance of a property. Thus, you must have a reliable security presence at the entry and exit points all the time. Employing unarmed security guards is the best way to keep a check on all the people and vehicles that enter and exit your property. The guards check the visitors’ identifications, record the times of their visits, and document all other essential information. This duty helps in quickly detecting any suspicious activities happening on your property and lets you take a swift reaction. 

Otherwise, huge properties always have the risk of criminals and burglars taking refuge in blind spots. Unless you have proper security at hand, it is impossible to keep a check on every spot all the time. 

3. Camera Monitoring

Nowadays, every building has CCTVs installed to record every corner possible. However, it is not sufficient to have cameras alone; you also need to have the proper personnel to monitor those cameras 24/7. Only then will you be able to able to identify any slight suspicious movement in the property. For example, if there is a vandal on your property that is ruining the space, your security guards can find them quickly through CCTV monitoring and take necessary measures before the criminals can cause much damage. 

This is an invaluable initiative to have as part of your security plan. However, once again, the unarmed security guards in Geelong will not act on it themselves. They will only call for assistance. 

4. Maintains Order

Unarmed security guards in Geelong also help maintain order in large gatherings. It is usually needed at events and other public places. It’s common to see some disorderly people in crowds and, in some cases, this kind of behaviour can lead to conflicts and stampedes. 

These issues can quickly escalate into serious accidents, which is a huge threat to a business’s reputation. Avoiding all that nuisance, your security guards in Geelong will ensure utmost order with the people that attend your parties and events. Along with the people in attendance, the guards will also safeguard your property. 

5. Miscellaneous Tasks

Sometimes, the duties of an unarmed security guard also extend to other miscellaneous tasks, such as running errands or responding to phone calls. When security guards in Geelong can temporarily or permanently take over other tasks like this, employers see an increase in productivity. In some special cases, one can also hire unarmed security guards to accompany another individual when transporting cash or other valuables. This adds another layer of security to your assets. 

If the security guards are employed at home or guest house, they can also help with some necessary household errands. Handling these extra responsibilities alleviates the work burden on the employers. 

6. Restrains Threat

In some rare cases, situations escalate into serious threats, such as violence. Yes, unarmed security guards are not supposed to act in situations. However, some cases warrant they do. The security guards are also trained to handle such situations, so when there is probable cause for arrest, they can restrain the criminal temporarily. Later, they will call the police to respond. Situations such as these require discretion and quick decision-making on the part of security guards. Any delay in intervention can even lead to loss of lives, so security must respond quickly and get help from authorities. 

Final Say

There was a time when it was regarded as a waste of time to have security policies, but they have stood the test of time and proved us wrong. Security guards are an invaluable addition to your establishment, and you can’t deny it. 

There are many types of security guards, the primary classification of which is armed and unarmed. Depending on your requirements, you can find every type of security guard in Geelong

If you are looking for a partner in security, check out Aligned Security Force—one of the most recommended Security Companies in Geelong. 

We hope you understand the responsibilities of unarmed security guards well now. It’s important to know these as it enables you to work with your security guards in synergy.

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