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A Styling Guide For Blue Chino Pants For Men – Read And Understand

Chinos are one of the few multipurpose pieces of clothing a man can own. Chinos are the perfect bottoms to match any top, whether it’s a t-shirt, a button-down, or a suit.

Men’s blue chino pants might be difficult to style. It’s because black pants automatically make you look more put-together than a lighter pair of pants. Trousers of a light tint can make you look too laid-back, while those with a dark hue can give you an air of sophistication.

The Perfect Pairing for Those Dark Blue Chinos

What you wear with your dark blue chinos will depend on factors, including the time of year, the event you’re attending, and the weather. This is why staying on trend with the seasons is important and not looking out of place.

Depending on the temperature drop, a leather jacket or other layering piece of clothing could prove to be more than necessary.

The pinnacle of casual elegance is a button-down shirt and sports coat.

In a similar vein, you can design your own outfit using the tips below as building blocks.

Wearing a white tee and Dark Blue Chinos

A plain white t-shirt paired with chinos and brown leather shoes is a great choice for a sophisticated daytime look. You have your choice of a crewneck, V-neck, or polo collar for your tee shirt.

A pair of blue chinos, a white Henley, and a beige sports coat

Choose a long-sleeved Henley shirt in a neutral hue to contrast with your dark-shade trousers; put on a modern sports coat if it’s chilly; and finish off the appearance with a pair of white shoes for a dapper and relaxed look.

Wearing blue chinos and a wool blazer for a formal event

This is a great outfit to wear if your employer has a relaxed dress policy and allows smart casual clothes. Get a pair of dark blue men’s buttocks in jeans, a pair of dark brown wingtip shoes, and a trendy wool blazer or jacket to wear with a white shirt.

Chambray shirt in blue, with dark blue denim bottoms

One of the biggest clothing trends of 2022 is the chambray shirt, which you should definitely add to your closet if you don’t already have one. Pair it with dark blue chinos and leather lace-up shoes for a sophisticated take on casual wear.

Brown Leather Jacket, White Tee, and Dark Blue Chino Pants

Men’s fashion trends sometimes have commonalities, such as matching brown shoes with dark blue chinos. This is because of the stunning harmony between the colors. Raise the style level by throwing on a classic brown leather jacket.

Wearing a leather jacket, hoodie, and dark denim jeans.

Put together a rough motorcycle jacket and a grey pullover hoodie, then round out the appearance with dark blue slacks and white sneakers for a hot street style look.

Blue Chinos with a Traditional Crewneck Sweater 

The correct fall wardrobe may take you from a casual daytime look to a sophisticated evening one in a single easy step. Dress in an everlasting black pullover, a crisp white button-down shirt, regular-fit chinos, and leather boots.

Blue Pants With A Striped Shirt

Don’t be shy about trying prints. Striped or checked dress shirts look sharp with classic blue jeans. Pair those dark blue pants with a pair of dark brown loafers or slip-on shoes for a polished look.


In conclusion, the aforementioned are some of the greatest ways to style men’s best chino pants available at Perk. Though, with a little more imagination, you may come up with a hundred more clothing combinations using these eight essential styles.

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