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Texture boxes are one of the most unique and new designs of boxes. People are just thinking of opting for it but currently, not everyone in the industry has the guts to go for these beautiful boxes. No one is ready to take the risks of failure after the effect of the launch of these beautiful boxes but we all know that these custom texture boxes are the ultimate treasure of the future.

Custom Texture Boxes

Custom texture boxes are much more groomed or customized according to the need and desires of the brand owner, and designer and also according to the psyche and type of the audience being targeted. These boxes can be designed in a million different ways and every way can be extremely different and unique from the other one. It all just has to be created with creativity, keenness, and artistry. Next, we have explained five easy ways to select elegant custom texture boxes for your brand;

  1. Perfect box design

Perfect box design per your product has to be thought of to be made or opted for. Perfect box design for custom texture boxes will make it unique for your product and will make your product stand out from all the other brands’ products.

This is the perfect step to modify your customized box in the most unpredictable and fun way to make unboxing fun for your customers in the easiest way and then you will be choosing the best box for your packaging.

  1. Elegant color schemes

The color schemes have to be taken care of because they “describe” your product to the customers in a single glance. These mere hues can turn your product into a disco ball or simply in a classy and classical packaging box. The product niche has to be in coherence with the looks of your custom texture boxes.

  1. Correct font and font style

The correct font, its style, and every other quality such as color and size of the text also is quite an issue because the readability of the text has to be on peak. For this, you should go for the very basic and primary colors for your brand name and tagline especially.

These primary colors are white and black. Other than these you can also go for embossing or debossing options which can be then enhanced by gold or silver foiling. The foiling makes the font visible from afar and even readable making it easier for your customers to spot your product.

  1. Quality test

Quality can never be either denied or ignored. The quality of the custom texture boxes has to be superb to make it to the list of the favorites of the people and also of the companies and business owners. Quality can be taken care of by some tests. The extreme environmental conditions, possible for the product and the packaging throughout the whole transit process, have to be kept in mind while testing the boxes.

The temperature change, the water absorptive characteristic of the boxes, the misplacement of the product inside, etc are the problems that should be kept in mind. The perfect thickness of the box has to be kept in mind as per the product to be placed inside because the threshold of the product also has to be kept in mind so that the thickness should not affect the product inside throughout the transit process.

  1. Window panes and die-cuts

Window panes and die-cuts are the additional options to make your custom texture boxes unique and exciting for the customers to see. Window panes are glass or mostly plastic windows inserted in the boxes to provide a little exposure to the product from inside the box. These window panes can be of any size and shape and that’s exactly the most exciting part of this step because you literally can make a polygonal plastic window in your customized texture box. The same goes for the die-cuts too. The die-cuts provide a really good and easy margin to produce an outclass box in the simplest ways ever.


The ways of using texture boxes and which of the custom texture boxes that you can use for the packaging of your brand are discussed above and hopefully it will be helpful for you during the selection of the perfect boxes.

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