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10 Proven Ways To Deal With Language Barriers


Opportunities for connecting with people from different parts of the world are increasing with time. We must be thankful for it. Although, we can deny the annoying side effect of language barriers coming in the way.

The language barrier can be an issue when getting help from someone. It can create some irritation by making you unable to share your ideas or message. Anyways, in this era, we all need to get comfortable with these language barriers. Of course, there will never be any way to jump over the barrier you are facing. Some tips are explained below to deal with the language barriers.

An increasing number of researches show that diversity in languages affects the decisions taken by management in new multinational corporations. (Tenzer, Terjesen & Harzing, 2017).

10 Ways to Overcome Language Barriers

A few points are explained to prepare you if you think you are going to communicate in an unfamiliar language. We have also explained if another person doesn’t speak your language well. With these tips, you can make them understand your things.

Plan ahead

Of course, most of the time the problem with the language barrier is that you didn’t see it coming. To overcome this issue, you should set yourself up for success. Such as some phrases or words that you think you will have to use. You can search about cultural differences. For example, if you go somewhere and you feel thirsty, then you should know how to ask someone for water. And also, find out whether it is considered normal to tap someone on the shoulder to ask for help!

Have a Translation app handy

Translation apps got very bad publicity but are used for good reasons. Sometimes, the difference between two languages is much more difficult and understated for even robots to solve successfully. Although, there is a particular time and place at which language barriers are very disruptive and you want to fix them quickly. The translation may not be perfect but the meaning of your message will come out. We should be thankful for google Translate for making our lives easy.

Learn a few Essential phrases 

Sometimes you’ve got an important meeting with someone you don’t share a common language with. You should try to learn a few phrases in their mother tongue. It will be helpful even if you don’t know about their native language at all. Research suggests that people get emotionally connected when they hear some words in their language. It will help you to get their empathy and build a good reputation with them.

Find a Tutor

There are some online language tutors available to help you in removing the language barriers. It is the first way to make you able to communicate in a new language. You will be speaking from the first lesson. The focus will be on the topics which are important to understand.

Taking help from E-Learning will be beneficial because it is highly efficient and 24/7 available and you can learn it whenever and wherever you want.

Most of the time university-going students get many assignments that they do not have time to complete them.  So they take online assignment assistance to submit it before the deadline.

Those students taking English language courses online, sometimes find difficulty in assignments. Then they seek English assignment help from experts online.

Avoid Idioms and Slang

In an awkward situation where your client doesn’t want to talk about something, you can use idioms or slang. Idioms put you distant from the words. that’s why our meaning is a little bit softened. If a client is talking about money, instead of saying ‘’that will be expensive’’, you can say ‘’that would cost a pretty penny’’. Because these idioms change the way of conveying the message in a good way. However, They don’t change the meaning of it.

Use Simple Terms & Phrases

Sometimes we unintentionally use difficult grammar. Instead of asking ‘’can, you write the report soon’’, we ask ‘’could you please get the report done soon’’. The use of passive voice makes the sentence more complicated. Try to use an active voice to keep the conversation simple and understandable.

Pronounce Slowly & Carefully

One of the issues of language barriers can be speaking without clarity. If your client is using a less familiar language, you should make them able to understand you. Try to speak slowly and pronounce each word carefully. Moreover, you should be aware of how the words will sound to another person. Formal use of words in the textbook is more understanding than the less formal version you use with friends.

Try to Communicate Visually

A language barrier can be sometimes at a point that you can not simplify it further. You will have to think beyond the words when you and your partner share zero common language. Fortunately, experts say that 70-93% of communications are nonverbal. You can express what you want to say, directing to the things, drawing the pictures. You can use facial expressions like moving eyebrows to convey your message.

Pay Special Attention To Body Language 

When we face a language barrier, we indirectly communicate more with our face and body. And it is true for you both, your partner as well as you. If you are throwing out nonverbal signals, you need to listen to them too. You should watch the other person’s body language to tell them how your communication is making them feel. With some patience, you will be a body language detector, which will help.

Use an Interpreter

However, the translation apps and the most elastic eyebrows can’t help you to resolve the issue of the language barrier. If you have got an important meeting and the language barrier is the major issue, then you can consider an interpreter. This is the reason that this job exists. It will be wise to consult an interpreter when you are facing an issue with legal documents, medical, or traveling. You can also ask your friends to help you if any of them can play interpreters. Or you can take help from a freelancing platform.


When you and the other person have a different set of tools to communicate with, communication refines the most important information. It can be a huge pain or a small frustration. In every situation, the surest way for overcoming language barriers and having good conversations is preparation. The most effective way to prepare for speaking a new language is to speak it.


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Introduction Opportunities for connecting with people from different parts of the world are increasing with time. We must be thankful for it. Although, we can deny the annoying side effect of language barriers coming in the way. The language barrier can be an issue when getting...10 Proven Ways To Deal With Language Barriers