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10 Makeup Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid

Whether you’re a beginner or you have mastered the art of makeup, no one is immune to a beauty faux pas. If you are a beginner and have an important event coming up, book makeup services at home to look gorgeous in the easiest way.

However, if you can do makeup, there are some unforgivable mistakes that you should know.

Brief Overview of Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: Using Foundation Too Dark

Unfortunately, a foundation that is too dark is a makeup mistake that we still come across too often, sometimes even among people! The result: a carrot complexion, or wax doll, demarcations in the neck, and any case, an anything but natural finish.

Mistake #2: Using Your Contour Powder as a Blush

Or vice versa! In fact, contouring powders have brick or bisque tones that may darken the complexion when applied to the cheekbones. Remember that contouring powders accentuate dark areas of the face, such as the hollow of the cheek. For your cheekbones, prefer peach, coral, or rosewood blushes that bring a very natural “pinched cheek” effect. Conversely, these tones will be too pink to sculpt (and therefore contour) the face.

Mistake #3: Using Deodorant as a Mattifier

Beware of the slightly wacky advice you can find on the Internet, like this advice from a beauty youtuber who recommends using deodorant to mattify the face. Bad idea, the deodorant indeed contains perspiration regulating agents, but its formulation is not at all suitable for the skin of the face! Better still, use a loose powder, and touch it up during the day with a compact powder.

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Mistake #4: Overusing Glitter

They are perfect in small touches! Makeup artists can decorate an entire eyelid with it, but if you’re not sure of yourself, avoid the “too much” effect of glitter all over the place, or an unsubtle result, like a disco ball.

Mistake #5: Making an Eyeliner Line Too Thick

The line of eyeliner is not the easiest makeup technique to achieve. It takes a bit of practice. Too thick a line gives the illusion of having smaller eyes and darkens the look. To avoid this, the blended eyeliner line technique is a good solution!

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Mistake #6: Layering Mascara Without Using a Brush

Mascara is a product that helps to open up the eyes. It’s a bit like the “little black dress of the eyes.” The temptation is to layer the layers with an unflattering cobweb effect. The solution: use a brush to separate the lashes between each pass.

Mistake #7: Intense Makeup on Both Eyes and Mouth

All professional make-up artists agree to avoid intense makeup on the mouth AND the eyes. Making up the eyes and the mouth by giving them the same intensity is one of the most common mistakes when starting makeup. Smoky-eye or luscious mouth, you have to choose!

Mistake #8: Choosing Too Dark a Lip Liner

The lip contour pencil can give a real touch of glamor to your makeup and, above all, prevent the lipstick from smudging, but it must be the right color, neither too dark nor too light compared to your lipstick. We forget the fashion of the 90s of the dark brown outlines on light lipstick!

 Mistake #9: Extending Your Lipstick to Get Fuller Lips

No, no, and no! Of course, we love luscious lips, synonymous with glamour. But by using this technique, you will undoubtedly get the opposite effect: you will look like a clown! So, there is no need to go beyond the natural contour of your lips to hope to make them fuller.

Mistake #10: Forgetting to Remove Makeup.

Not removing make-up before bed is a mistake that 1/3 of women make after a grueling day at work, a drunken evening… Laziness should no longer be an excuse to skip the makeup when you know the consequences that this oversight can have, and not just for your pillow slathered in foundation! Not removing makeup promotes the appearance of skin imperfections: pimples, redness, clogged pores, tired, dry, even cracked skin, and more marked wrinkles. Sleeping with make-up on has an occlusive effect. Deep make-up removal will allow the skin to breathe and renew itself in good conditions.


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