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10 Edibles Which Amazingly Benefit Your Oral Health

Every day you do so many things to maintain your oral health and hygiene. But food is the integral and main source of nutrients which your teeth need. Most people don’t know which foods are really healthier for teeth and gums. So, we highlight top 10 edibles that promote oral health in addition to good oral care practice. Read on this blog to know.

  1. Cheeses, milk and yogurt
    Dairy product is rich in calcium which makes the teeth and bones stronger. Cheese and yogurts are outstanding as these contain minerals and vitamins to take care of the teeth. Milk also possesses same vitamins and nutrients benefitting your teeth at the same time.
  2. Spinach

    Green and dark vegetables are not only beneficial for the health but also for dental health. These veggies have high level of calcium and iron for rebuilding enamel. You can prepare the spinach dish of your choice. You can also enjoy collard greens and kale.

  3. Almonds

    Almond is a health snack and can prevent you from multiple dental issues. Being rich in protein and calcium and less in sugar they don’t increase the level of acid in mouth and promote enamel health.

  4. Salmon

    Salmon is another healthy option known for good protein source. It has low fat and high protein that revitalises the gum in repairing damaged muscle tissues. This edible has vitamin D that helps the body in absorbing calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

  5. Carrots

    Carrots are highly beneficial if you eat them raw. Its crunchy texture will clean the teeth by acting as natural toothbrush. However, you need to brush it separately too for effectiveness. Chewing action will massage the gums improving its blood circulation and health. It has vitamin A and Keratin too that repair enamel of the teeth.

  6. Lean meat

    Lean meat types like chicken are an excellent protein source for gums and teeth. These are loaded with phosphorous, the nutritional mineral which incorporates remodelling and bone production. Lack of phosphorous can make teeth vulnerable to chip despite having correct portion of vitamin D and calcium in diet.

  7. Celery

    The function of celery to your teeth is much identical to that of carrot. It acts as natural toothbrush and provides calcium and vitamin K to the teeth. The latter is responsible for transfer of calcium to each body part.Celery assists in fighting gum disease by increasing saliva production. Before making changes to the diet consult with the dentist to know the healthier and beneficial option for your oral health.

  8. Black/green tea

    Having black and green tea promotes your oral health. The reason is simple that it lacks from sugar. As a result, saliva production is consistent with less acidic nature. It washes away the dental plaque and degrades the cavities. Tea is rich in fluoride that will strengthen the enamel.

  9. Apples

    Alike carrot, it also acts as natural toothbrush for the teeth to some extent on the basis of its variety. Even it has low acidic property and hence along with doctor it will keep the dentist away too. Oranges are healthy but they can compromise the oral health by wearing down the enamel. Hence, you should hydrate the mouth using water after having one to protect the enamel.

  10. Plain water

    At last, the best thing you can have to protect the oral health is water. It will hydrate the body and replenish the saliva so that it can function effectively. By removing the bacteria from the mouth it brings the pH level of the mouth into normal. As it is not acidic, there is no chance to damage the teeth like over sugary and sweetened beverages.

If you develop any oral health concern, visit a private dentist in Holborn for check up and treatment. The dentist will help you with food choices those are beneficial for your teeth, gums and mouth.

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