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10 Best Application For Android TV In 2023

Best Application For Android TV: Do you have a favorite Android TV but need more than the pre-installed apps? Default Android apps come with the system, making them available by default. However, have you ever thought about having every app you use on your smartphone? It may be that the answer is no! You cannot use all the apps on your smartphone on Android TV!

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Make sure your mood doesn’t go down with these Android TV apps that will lift your spirits! To find out what kind of apps are supported by Android, let’s read the article in detail.

List Of 10 Best Application For Android TV

If you use Android TV, please describe the apps and their functionality.

01. SlingTV

If you don’t have cable TV, watching live shows on Android TV would not be the best thing ever.

Stream live TV and on-demand content online with SlingTV, the first app-based TV service. You can stream live performances from home or on the go! While using the app, you can select Channel Add-ons, Premium Add-ons, DVR Plus, and other TV options that are right for you.

You can download the app free, but you must pay for further proceedings.

02. Netflix

This masterpiece needs no introduction, right? Let’s take a look at some of Netflix’s most impactful sentences. The Netflix app is now available on Android Smart TVs as well. You only need a subscription to unlock a new world of content. You can also download the shows for offline viewing.

The content is unlocked by a monthly fixed fee, regardless of the device. Depending on the plan, it can range from ₹149 to ₹649 per month. Additionally, due to its flexibility, you can cancel your subscription easily with just two clicks without incurring any cancellation fees.

03. Spotify

Music streaming platform Spotify is one of the most popular in the world. Music lovers will find this app invaluable. First, you must install the app from your device’s store. Then, sign up with an email address or mobile number for seamless music on your devices.

Although it may have short ad breaks, you can sign up for a premium account that lets you play music unstoppably and download a few songs for offline play. You can choose from a variety of premium plans.

04. YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, you can watch live local and national sports events and must-see programs as soon as they air. In addition, a YouTube TV subscription allows you to watch live channels, sports, and other content.

If your TV does not have a cable TV connection, this is one of the best ways to get all the channels you love. YouTube TV, however, is currently only available in the US. The content will only be available if you’re from a different country.

05. Google Drive

Google Drive is the best option if you want to access files on your PC using your Android TV device. Unfortunately, Google Drive is unavailable for Android TV in the Play Store. You can only sideload the app on your device.

Note: Make sure your device is already set up with X-plore File Manager before you install the app’s APK file.

06. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is not pre-installed on Android TV devices. In addition, the app does not support Android TV.

Although Chrome does not have a store version, it does not need to be sideloaded. The Google Play Store’s webpage for Chrome will identify your Android TV box as a supported device.

07. VLC

Video players such as VLC are popular for a good reason. Almost any type of video file can be watched with the program, as it supports many codecs.

It is possible to decode even videos in HEVC H.265 format using VLC. VLC automatically categorizes your media into video, Audio, and others. In addition, the app’s settings allow you to customize features such as hardware acceleration.

The Mi Box comes with VLC pre-installed. As well as being easy to install because it is available through the Android TV Play Store, VLC provides a stable and user-friendly interface.

08. Kodi

Without digital material, Kodi may be a better option than Plex.

In addition to entertainment and live TV, users can access news, weather updates, and productivity tools through the application’s add-ons.

09. Send Files to TV

You can connect your Android smart TV, mobile devices, and PC with the simple Android application. The TV app makes sending files easy, fast, and convenient with wireless transmission. In addition, you can easily share files from your phone and TV via the local network by installing the app on both devices.

The desktop app is yet to be available on Apple devices but in Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and Google Play Store.

10. Sideload Launcher

Finaly the best application for Android TV is Sideload Launcher It is most user-friendly to use the Sideload Launcher. Google Play Store for Android TV is a slimmed-down version of Google Play Store for smartphones. The number of options is limited because some apps need to be compatible with Android TV. Despite this, sideloading Android apps on Android TV has become common due to the operating system’s ability to run any Android app.


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